Surgeon Simulator APK+DATA

You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! 
Take urgent care of the world's unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life -- or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob... Well, dies.
Join the ranks of more than one million players who butchered Bob for the amusement of 250 million people who watched the failed surgeries on YouTube, now from the comfort of your awesome Android, anytime, anywhere. Hospitals don't get any better than this, really.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.0


Sonic Jump Fever 1.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Catch the FEVER in an explosive race against the clock! Compete with Sonic and friends in high-speed bursts of vertical jumping mayhem. FREE and based on SEGA’s hit Sonic Jump. 

Prove you are the best. Rack up huge combos to blast past your friends’ high scores. Use boosters, upgrades, unique character abilities to maximize your score. Then kick into overdrive with Fever Mode and hit the top of the Leaderboard! 

The all-new, free-to-play, Sonic Jump experience features quick-to-play explosive races against time! 

Compete with friends for the highest score. Play and post your scores on a Leaderboard that you share with your friends. The leaderboard updates instantly after every turn. So the competition never ends.

Unleash FEVER mode to enter hyper-speed for earth-shattering scores.

Play as Sonic, Knuckles and a host of famous characters. Upgrade their unique moves and abilities to help them soar to the skies.

Recruit a legendary Chao from the Sonic universe! Find all the Chao to help you beat badniks, search for hidden rings and many more unique abilities!

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.1.0


Time Tangle Adventure Time APK+DATA

What time is it? Time to puncha some buns! Rip it up in Time Tangle!

Oh, snaps! Finn broke the Time Totem and junked up all of time. Now there’s only one way to save the day… PUNCHING! Send your fists flyin’ to restore order to the Land of Ooo.

Battle bad guys, save peeps, collect sandwiches, and rebuild spacetime in a non-stop adventure. Thanks to the Time Totem’s quest generator, the fun will never end!

Rescue your friends from the time stream, then unleash their awesome attacks. Call for backup from Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Flame Princess, LSP, Choose Goose, and James Baxter!

Go toe-to-toe with Lemongrab, Maja the Sky Witch, Giant Goo Skulls, Forest Wizard, and the Beast himself! Beat their butts to whip time back into shape.

Time Tangle includes some tasty cutscenes and 100% original voiceover from Finn and Jake! That’s like math.

Run, punch, rinse, repeat. Rebuild all of time in TIME TANGLE!

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.0


Fantasy Heroes 1.08 MOD APK+DATA (Unlimited Money)

★ Easy operation 
★ 60 versatile stages 
★ 13 characters that can be chosen 
★ More than hundreds skill can be learned 
★ The fantasy Mageborn Transformer 
★ Variety types of role training

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.08


Goat Rampage MOD APK (Unlimited Golds/Gems)

The Goat Rampage
The best animal simulator available for the Android. You're just a stupid Goat, but you're about to make the biggest rampage this world has ever seen. 
Explore large maps, with interactive humans, animals, buildings and vehicles and make everybody's lives as miserable as possible. 
Drive a car, an ambulance, a police car, catapult yourself through the city, well you can even fly a helicopter, frankly you can do whatever you like - you're a Goat.
PS: And of course you can use a Gravity Gun and throw a house through a pool party, but you knew that right?
- 3 huge locations to explore
- Gigantic city level with extreme missions and tons of stuff to demolish
- funny animal simulator
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Interactive people with realistic animations and bonkers behaviour
- Drivable vehicles with improved mechanics
- Helicopter that you can fly
- Support for Retina display devices
- Smooth and easy controls
- Hidden secret features
- Optimized performance

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 2.1.2


Dungeon Quest MOD APK (MOD MONEY)

Features Include:
Bring your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling System! 
Many new Legend and Set items to discover!
Dungeon Quest is now supports MOGA devices! 
All new environment art and effects in each world provide enhanced visual diversity.
New and updated enemy types in each Act. 
New control schemes and HUD layouts make it easier to control and allow you to play the way you want to.Controller integration with full HUD support!
Improved random dungeon generation system, never fight the same dungeon twice!
Test your skills against one of 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act that provide a much better chance at rare loot!
Customize the dungeon's difficulty and rewards by choose between 8 enemy power levels.
Specialize your character with our gear-based talent system!
Upgrade your loot by using the Enchanting and Stat Rerolling systems.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up



Crazy Taxi City Rush MOD APK+DATA (Unlimited Money)

Crazy Taxi City Rush Features:
• Intuitive driving controls 
• All-new city to master and explore
• All-new cast of crazy passengers
• Crazy variety of special missions and challenges
• Expand the city for higher pay and crazier routes
• Drive crazy to music from your personal library
• Portrait and landscape modes

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version:  1.0.1


Moshling rescue!

Moshling rescue! - combine colorful marmalade candies to make them disappear and rescue cute creatures. All the Moshlings were captured after their country was covered with the marmalade rain. To save the funny little creatures you need to match 3 same jelly candies, they will explode and Moshlings can escape from the trap. Use various bonuses and combos. Get a collection of different Moshlings and get special rewards. This is a colorful match 3 game for all the fans of the genre.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Many levels
  • Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.8.0.1. ARMv7

Screenshots of the Moshling rescue! for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Moshling rescue! for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Moshling rescue! for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Moshling rescue! for Android tablet, phone.

Bubble candy

Bubble candy - help a little girl who is lost in a candy city. Line up rows of same candies, they'll disappear and you'll get points. You can also use different bonuses. The girl and her pet were wandering the candy country and got lost there. To find her way home she must beat many levels. The girl is throwing candies up to line up groups of identical candies.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics and special effects
  • Over 80 levels
  • Highscores
  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Android 4.2.2 and higher. v1.0.4 

Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone. Screenshots of the Bubble candy for Android tablet, phone.



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